Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fully Circled

One of my main... hmm... I don't want to say beefs, but maybe just plain old complaints with life in the Bush has been its general lack of access to fresh/quality produce.

Enter Full Circle Farm and their stunning organic CSA program. They are based in Washington state, but have found a nice little niche shipping produce up to Alaska. This year, I got us set up as a delivery site, so several teachers from Nunapitchuk and the neighboring split village of Kasigluk-Akiuk and Kasigluk-Akula signed up for delivery this week. The boxes arrived a day early and I'm like a kid in a candy store. Or maybe a rabbit in a carrot store. Either way. Happy. Happy to have fruits and vegetables I don't have to cut the bad spots off of (or, sometimes, cut the good spots off a mostly bad item). Happy to be able to feed my little guy veggies and fruits that aren't all pesticide-y. And happy, mostly, to eat tasty food.

Shaun took a picture of our bounty; I'll either update this post or link to his when he gets it up.

And now... WE FEAST!

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