Friday, September 29, 2006

Wow, a Week, Huh?

I've been lax. It's been quite the week: one that started out with me cleaning blood off my classroom's carpeted floor, and ended (or is ending), with me somehow getting up an hour early and not realizing I was overly punctual until I was already at school.

I think I will drop into a coma at 4pm today and not come out until 8am Monday morning. Is that OK?

Friday, September 22, 2006

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Football Chick

Rock on with your bad self. I like the pink socks touch... keeping her femininity while playing with the boys.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Slackereous Maximus

Yup, that's me. Sorry 'bout that.

I've had a lot of wouldn't-that-make-a-great-picture moments, but have never remembered to take my camera with me anywhere.

Yesterday morning, for example. I had to ride to Akiuk in the morning for a training, and it was gorgeous... soft morning sunlight, ducks taking flight from the water in front of us, glassy water, and NO CAMERA.

It's a pretty picture in my brain. Too bad I can't draw. :-D

Monday, September 11, 2006

Yeah, What he Said

That Funny Thing That Happened Last Friday

Shaun's just got more patience than me when it comes to typing long sagas involving darkness, smoking motors, and navigational uncertainty.


Apparently a meteor hit near Bethel, and everyone there heard/felt a massive "boom." Or that's the gossip that's making its way around. Others are saying the police were exploding things at the dump.

Who wants to bet on the veracity of these claims?

More later. Talking

EDIT: Got the following in an e-mail. It is the text of a KYUK radio story:

Some residents near Bethel heard what sounded like an explosion early this morning. Many thought it was thunder or a man-made sonic boom. . .As Angela Denning-Barnes from KYUK in Bethel reports, it actually fell from the sky. . .
ADB/SMI midday Monday, September 11, 2006

Bethel police dispatcher, Melanie Barniskis was working the night shift and had stepped out to the deck for a short break at about 5 a.m.. . .The sky was clear and the moon was out, when something caught her eye. . .
CUT 1: 33 secs. “When I looked at it, I saw a huge, white, glowing ball of light, traveling extremely fast, traveling from West to East. And a long, golden, sparkling tail, which covered nearly three-quarters of the sky behind it. As it passed overhead, it began to fall. As it got almost level with my line of vision, the white glowing head seemed to disintegrate, and there was a huge shower of what looked to be sparks or flare-outs, and after that I couldn’t see anymore.”

Barniskis presumed it was a meteor that had broken up in mid-air. She heard a hissing noise when it went overhead, but she didn’t hear a sonic boom like some other people. Back inside the police station, she received several reports from people who had heard something loud, and others who actually felt tremors in Bethel.

Meanwhile, fifteen miles Northeast of Bethel, tribal police officer, Theodore Charles was also taking down reports of a loud explosion that woke people up and shook their houses in the village. . . .A few people reported seeing a red flaring thing that exploded. . .
CUT 2: 15 secs. “the impact was like a loud explosion. And it pretty much, ah, like I said it shook up the West side of town; shook a lot of houses down here.”

Charles says Kwethluk residents didn’t know what had made the ruckus, but the fact that it was the 5 year anniversary of terrorist activity did not escape them . . .
CUT 3: 6 secs. “Well, apparently today is 9-11, and they thought that something else was going on.”

Hans Nielson with the Geophysical Institute of the University of Alaska Fairbanks says meteors are very localized and usually can’t be seen more than 200 miles away. He says the description of this incident, and the fact that it was seen and heard, makes it possible that it was NOT a meteor, but rather a larger piece of space debris from a satellite, spacecraft, or rocket.

None the less, it was a lifetime dream come true for Barniskis. . . .
CUT 4: “I’ve been a star gazer most of my life, and I’ve gone out to look for meteor showers down in the Lower 48, and I’ve never seen anything like this.”

In Bethel, I’m Angela Denning-Barnes

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pretty as a Picture

Nice firey sunset, huh?

We were at school late one evening (a week ago last Wednesday, to be precise) for staff volleyball, and exited the building to the purdiest sunset!

Grabbed my camera and took a shot. The buildings in the foreground are a little too dark, methinks, but Shaun is the PhotoShop king, and I really don't like messing with stuff... mostly out of sheer laziness.

So yeah. View from school porch.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Trying to Try

Isn't it strange how you can know exactly what your faults/failings are and be completely powerless to fix them?

That's what makes them faults, I guess.

I have the best of intentions when it comes to self-improvement, both professional and personal, but old habits die hard. My desk will just always be a mess, and I will just always lose my keys in a painfully obvious place and have to have them pointed out to me by a less-bat$#!+ crazy acquaintance. I will always have a bit of a temper (thanks, Dad) and cry at things that don't require crying (thanks, Mom), and I will always prefer a quiet classroom to a chaotic one.

I can try to manage these less-than-desirable traits, but deep down, I know that's me. I guess it's even better to know those things about myself and not just throw in the towel... but some days I do just that. I just let the desk-mess drive me crazy, but don't pick it up. I have little mini-temper tantrums. You get the idea.

But mostly I try. Or I try to try, which is really better than nothing.